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Social media has eternally changed the way people converse today. Almost everyone that is up to teenage age and above has signed up on the social network. And most of our minutes per day are spent on social media.

It is used to do virtually everything – look for job opportunities, meet new people, talk with friends and families, share your ideas and news with people, update your photos, etc. one of the greatest reasons people use Facebook is because of the private messaging that is introduced in Facebook. Majority of people today use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to communicate. In other words, virtually everything we do today revolves around social network and it has contributed a lot to mold our lives.

What does the future hold for all these social media networks? This and other things we are going to unveil in this article.

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Which One Is The Foremost Among All the Social Media Networks?

To determine this, you need to consider how many people that signed up for each network, how many that log in on daily basis, how many minutes and hours each spend on each platform, etc.

Going by this you can see that there are some networks that have many people signed up while they have fewer people that spend reasonable time there. Considering all these, by research, it has been noticed that Facebook has the highest users. Going by monthly usage, after Facebook comes YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These four are considered the 4 biggest network.


The Expectations Of The 4 Biggest Social Media Networks


Many people use this platform to share videos with friends and loved ones. This has escalated the use of YouTube. It has generated a lot of traffic and it doesn't seem that the growth of this platform would go down soon.


This is mainly for business and it's mostly populated by business owners. Fewer people engage in it for social interactions. As it is from the record, LinkedIn might not really go any further in future unless there is a new business platform.


Twitter grew spontaneously to its level because of its ability to take 140 characters in text feed. It almost outgrew Facebook but with time, it started fading as its users started migrating to Instagram and Snapchat.


Facebook took over from all of them and became the king of social media network till date. Although it experienced its own shaky period when Twitter and others were making waves but it was re-energized and had taken over. According to records, Facebook as at 2016 had 1.59 billion user accounts, together with 900 million WhatsApp users and people using its messenger are 800 million in number. Facebook has given others a generational gap and seems to be the one that would still be leading in the nearest future.

Having known all these, can we now say that social media is a dangerous friend or a good friend that has come to stay? Let's find out.


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There is no company these days that don't incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. Some sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter give corporate organization opportunity to interact with their customers. They can share their products with their customers through these platforms. They can talk about their products and make more people come to know about it and increase your sales.

Social media network has grown so well that some company goes out of their ways to employ someone just to handle only the social media network. They have the duty of posting news, sharing company's products online, updating the news and interacting with the customers. The seal any deal online through social media and get the product delivered to the client. But if they encounter anyone that is higher than what they can handle, they can then contact the boss.

In as much as social media helps greatly to increase the reputation of every business, some bad people had hijacked this and are now using it to propagate evil. These bad people go as far as breaking into someone's account, for example, the CEO of a company's LinkedIn account and from there, they get the clients' database and from there begin to send malicious messages and begin to request for products.

Some download malicious software that can have access to the company's networks and fish out information from there. These are called malware and are dangerous to the device and company's account.

How Do You Keep Yourself Free From The Dangers

Social media is so important that we cannot avoid it but we have to look into how we can get ourselves protected from the dangers associated with the social media network. The first is to install antivirus on all the devices being used for social media network. This helps to track down any virus or malware. As you install the antivirus, ensure you constantly update it so that it will be able to detect any new virus or malware. When you go this way, it will be difficult for any virus or malware to attack your device.

All the staff that would be handling social network should be trained on how to use it and how to protect their accounts from hijackers. They should be trained on the ways through which virus and malware can attack devices so that they would know how to avoid it.

All the systems and devices should be password protected so that no external body would be able to gain access to the corporate account.

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